Friday, November 29, 2013

Sata's Workshop Meeting attendance in Boston

Aldeia da Fonte was represented in SATA's workshop in Massachusetts. 
With this opportunity we hope to present our Packages leaving from Boston

Bringing the US closer to the Azores everyday!

Almoços de domingo com "Sabores Açorianos" | Restaurante Fonte Cuisine

Na rota da inovação o Fonte Cuisine do Hotel Aldeia da Fonte vem agora propor-lhe almoços de domingo de Sabores Açorianos.
A preço de Feira poderá usufruir de uma ementa baseada nas nossas tradições culinárias usando novas técnicas culinárias e apostas diferentes.

Ementa, domingo 2 de dezembro
Entrada-> Canja Preta ou Patê de delicias do mar

Peixe -> Cataplana de peixe c/ manto de lapas 
ou Carne -> Plumas de porco c/ favinhas de coentrada

Sobremesa -> Pudim de Batata-doce ou Salada de frutas

€ 13,50 por pessoa

Acorde tarde, fuja da cozinha e nós trataremos de si!...

Aconselha-se Reserva prévia através do 292 679 500 ou 292 679 504

Monday, November 4, 2013

#Canada #Sweepstakes winners Michel & Ghislaine week

 One short week for Michel and Ghislaine!

They arrived from Quebec on Sunday, October 27, after a long day of air travel and took they rental car, offer of Rent-a-car Tropical, and drove till our hotel.

On Monday afternoon, after a most needed rest,  they went Whale Watching with Espaço Talassa, on a beautiful calm ocean day. 

Tuesday was a raining day but that did not stop them from taking a trip around Faial Island, one of the islands of the triangle, and lunching at Peter's Cafe. Unfortunatly, they did not took the camera with them. Memories...
Dinner time was at our restaurant Fonte Cuisine with the owners, Antonio and Sonia. 

Wednesday and Thursday fly by as the happy couple drove all around Pico island and visited the Wine Museum, Gruta das Torres at Madalena and the Whaling Industry Museum at São Roque, where they stopped and had a relaxed ocean view lunch at the Naval Club Snack-bar

Friday was their last day with us and they took the time to visit Lajes. Fridays, in low and mid season,  are special for our guests and locals -> Chinese Food Buffet, all you can eat buffet for €12,50 per person.

And on saturday early afternoon they left, off to Quebec. 
Hope to see you again soon. 

Best Wishes, Aldeia da Fonte Team